Diet is a big topic of discussion, especially in America where we seemingly hear all the time about how fat the country is and has been becoming over time. Diet is an important part of living a healthy life, and while there are all sorts of diet fads that have been spreading as of late, there are a few key elements that you should focus on when it comes to having a wholesome diet.

The first is to avoid sugars at all costs. Although sugars may just seem like an inventive additive to make foods you eat taste better, the fact of the matter is that sugar is more addictive than you may have thought. And unfortunately, sugar has no dietary benefits whatsoever. This is probably the most basic rules of any diet, which is indicative of how important it is. If you can avoid sugars, you are already well on your way to having a wholesome diet, regardless of any other choices you make. However, many Americans don’t realize the importance of avoiding sugars, or at the very least don’t realize how much sugar they are actually taking in. For example, just about all canned sodas exceed the recommended daily sugar intake in a single can. It should go without being said that high sugar intake on a regular basis is just incompatible with any reasonable diet.

And while sugar is quite bad, it is perhaps only half of the problem when it comes to obvious macros to avoid, with the other being salt. Although arguably not as bad as sugar, high salt intake has a hugely negative effect on your body too. And along the same lines, people don’t actually realize how much salt they take in. Most fast food joints are oversaturated with salt by design and people eat it all up without having a second thought. If you care about your diet, then you have to stop with both the sugars and the salts.

Another thing you should always include in your overall diet is plenty of water. Although you obviously need water to survive, getting what may seem like an excess of water is really what you need to have a truly wholesome diet. Some of the many benefits of upping you water intake include having a healthy complexion, as well as avoiding various afflictions due to dehydration. Try to drink water at every meal instead of sodas or fruit juices, which not only keeps you away from all that excess sugar but helps you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Now in terms of selecting a specific diet, a lot of the decision is subjective and comes down to the individual wants and needs of each person. But for a lot of people, most diets cannot be sustained for the rest of their lives, which defeats the purpose of having a diet. So instead of focusing on any one specific mainstream diet (and most likely failing it at some point down the line), the best thing to do in general is to eat everything in relative moderation. Get your carbohydrates and proteins in from time to time, but also make sure you eat fruits and vegetables as well.

In summary, after focusing on the most important elements of any good diet (low sugar, low salt, and high water intake), the best way to have a wholesome and ultimately sustainable diet is to eat without too much focus on what you are putting into your body. As long as you eat a wide variety of foods and keep yourself accountable based on what you eat on a semi-regular basis, you can have a diet that, while may not be flashy, is still completely healthy, wholesome, and ultimately sustainable for the rest of your life.