Every day is a gift – at least that’s how many people feel. Before we go to bed at night, we never truly know whether or not we will wake up the next day, which means every time we wake up in the morning it is truly a blessing. So why not celebrate that blessing every now and then by waking up extra early and watching the sun rise, symbolizing the new day that was just blessed upon you? If you aren’t completely convinced, rest assured that you will be by the end of this article.

To start, many people don’t realize how truly beautiful the sun is when it is rising up over the horizon. From the dark blue early morning, you can slowly start to see the sky redden as the sun makes it way towards you. The sky continues to go from red to orange as the sun eventually breaks the horizon, continuing on until everything is completely covered in sunlight. The slow yet inevitable nature of a sunrise taking place is not just a beautiful experience, but a calming one as well.

Sunrises are also incredibly calming not just because of the beauty that you can see, but because of the calm and serene silence that comes with it. Most of our days are spent with all sorts of noises coming in to your ears, with the only time getting some peace and quiet being just before we fall asleep at night. Being able to actively seek out and enjoy the silence of the world around you night turns to day is such an underrated experience.

These elements of beauty and silence when it comes to a sunset both come into play in helping to symbolize the true value of a sunset, which is the start of a new day here on this Earth.  When you watch a sunrise and think about the gift that God has granted you, you will be more at peace than you can possibly ever be. The key thing to do to help maximize the calming and reflective nature of watching a sunset is to detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t be thinking about how much work you have in the office in just a few hours, or any other problems in your life. Just focus on the sun rising over the horizon, and what it represents, If you can do that, you will love every minute of it.