One aspect of living a full and conscious life is being able to focus and block out distractions around you. On the surface, this can be as superficial as focusing during your job while there are all sorts of distractions around you. But it can also simply be focusing on your own mental state at home as a way of centering yourself and focusing in on your emotions and your state of mind. With so many distractions in life, it can often be hard to block out the world around you.

Now when it comes to blocking out outside sights, the very easy solution is to close your eyes. This is a 100% foolproof way to eliminate any visual distractions that you may be facing. However, auditory distractions are a lot harder to deal with, simply because you cannot just close your ears and make all noises go away. In the same way that a small movement in the corner of your eye becomes a big distraction in certain cases, having someone talking in the background while you are focusing is also a big distraction, made worse by the fact that it almost seems like you can’t fully get rid of the extra sounds.

Now a lot of people try to alleviate this with the help of loud music playing over your headphones, which does somewhat help to get rid of “outside” noise. However, this creates an all new, entirely different distraction in the music itself, since you will (presumably) like the music and therefore will be preoccupied with that rather than focus on your inner thoughts.

The solution to this? Rather than playing music, play white noise instead. White noise is basically a combination of many different frequencies of sound all playing together at the same time. The resulting sound is one that not only effectively blocks out all other noise (assuming you have it on a loud enough volume), but also doesn’t distract you like music would. IN this way, you are guaranteed to block out the outside world while not blocking out your own thoughts. Listening to white noise is something that I do at work just about every time I really need to focus and get something done. I also use white noise when the kids are being particularly rambunctious at home and I want to simply focus on myself and whatever I am doing at the time, whether it be surfing the internet or reading a book. These are just few of the many ways you can incorporate white noise therapy into your life, so hopefully you try it out for yourself in the near future.